Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flea Market Finds

The flea market. Its one of those things that we love to do on the weekend, especially now that we are homeowners. We talk about it all the time, and are always sharing the things we find and what we end up doing with them. It is a great place for us to get inexpensive items that make our house a little more unique. Not many people have this mirror or this foot rest. I also love how it forces us to be creative. For example, the last time we were there I found some beautiful leaded glass windows I loved. I didn't get them because I had NO idea what I would do with them. But after some internet searches, we got some cool ideas, like making them into end tables. Now when I go back I have some different plans to think about. They might turn into end tables, they might not. But its fun to look around and see how we can make something kind of crappy into something pretty nice.

Last time we went I got this little collection of goodies:

I've been dying to get a globe to put in our living room somewhere. But Jon always insists that the ones I want are too big. When Jon was looking at an antique bottle opener he found, I spotted the little globe. Jon talked to the guy, asked if he would take $5 instead of the $8 asking price, and voila! I finally got what I've been looking for. The vendor even threw in the corkscrew Jon was looking at for free. After a little cleaning, the globe looks great and fits perfectly on our living room shelf.

We have been looking around for some small square mirrors to add to our gallery wall going upstairs. As we were walking out of the flea market, I stopped and pointed out an ugly wood frame square mirror, perfectly sized for what we wanted. Jon asked the guy how much, just out of curiosity. He said $2... for all 3 pieces. We didn't even know there were 3 pieces! He came over and showed us that it was 2 small square mirrors and a matching clock. Done, and done. We were willing to pay $2 for just the one mirror! So, we took them home, got some black spray paint and coated one of them black. Looks totally different, and exactly what we wanted! 

A little vinyl adhesive and a stencil later and we think this guy looks cute on our photo wall.

Jon also snagged a new air keyboard and a piano bench that day. He's been looking for some seating for his organ, but wanted something without arms and possibly some storage. All the benches we found online were way more money then what we got at the flea market (which included another old electric organ with it). When we took the bench home and put it in the room, it ended up matching the organ perfectly. It was a successful day.

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