Monday, September 24, 2012

Some New Friends

On one of our many trips to Ikea we picked up a new plant, Mary. We have been slowly trying to add some greenery to our rooms to bring a little out side feeling into the house. It always lends a room a more organic feel and ties together the other decorations. Also she was a cute miniature palm tree that needed to come home with us.

For some time now I have 
been trying to find something to put in the space between our entertainment center and the door way to the front foyer. I thought this little plant would be perfect for that area. As soon as we got home we transferred Mary to her new pot (also from Ikea) and placed her on the floor next to the entertainment center.

Now, obviously she's too short. We always had intentions on getting a plant stand for her, yet it has proven difficult to find one we both agreed on. That was until we found Fella (yes, it does seem like we have been naming everything these days. Maybe we do need a pet). Fella is a charming lime green elephant garden stool that we bought at The Christmas Tree Shop. I loved him at first sight but wasn't sure if he would work in the room. But Jon assured me he would be fine so we brought him home.

Fella was still a bit short, but with a little help he was perfect.

We loved the sunny optimism the lime green brought to the room, but ultimately decided that purple would give him a richer effect. So it was off to the spray paint for him. Now he matches another pot we have in the room. Luckily, we were also able to find a piece of marble for a couple of bucks at our local flea market.

We still need to find a way to cut the marble so it will fit better, but for short money this guy is looking pretty good. He definitely adds a little character to the room, which is exactly what we wanted.

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