Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

When we visit the flea market I have a few staples I am always on the hunt for: cut glass, mirrors, and door knobs. Usually when I see a mirror it is outside of the $20 - $30 budget we set for ourselves. But when we went recently I saw a mirror I liked and Jon asked the vendor how much he wanted for it. I couldn't belive my ears when the guy looked at us and said, "Ah, give me $5." SOLD.

Honestly, I was so excited about the price I didn't focus on how much I liked it and where we could put it. I just paid for it and ran. Once we got home I made Jon hold it against pretty much every wall in the house. Eventually I decided it looked best in the foyer, and that I hated that the decorative frame was black.

So, I had Jon spraypaint it. Surprise, surprise.

We went with green because after throwing a few plants in the foyer we realized they compliment the wall color perfectly. At first we tried out a sage green, but both of us ended up strongly disliking the color, especially on the mirror. So we went for a darker green and ended up liking it much better. Overall, successful flea market find!

I'm being etremely helpful...

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