Friday, June 29, 2012

Living Room Updates

We've made a few small updates and wanted to share.

Meet our new table! We have been eyeing this baby for awhile and finally decided to buy it. It has nice clean modern lines, yet doesn't look overly sterile due to its rich wooden base. You can get a nesting pair (which I swoon over), but the smaller table does not fit completely under the big one. Since we have it in a high traffic area, we really wanted that space to be open. But we are very happy and LOVE the new guy.

Here is the table we had before, in case you were wondering:

And you might be asking who that cute guy under the new table is. Well that's our new (to us) ottoman we got at the local flea market for 8 bucks! Jon is extremely happy that he can finally put his feet up when he lounges in the barcelona chair.

Now meet our new lamp! We felt like we needed some more ambiance in our living room and wanted something on top of the table we have in the corner. We saw this guy at Home Goods and decided to give him a try. The best part about this tiny addition is that the light reflecting on the wall really shows off the shape of the table. Finally that corner is not looking so dark and lonesome.

Here is the before:

And a couple more afters:

Finally, meet our newest addition from our recent mini - vacation...

Occupy, the Octopus (aka Occupy the Octopi). I couldn't leave without him!

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