Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Full Irish Breakfast

Last year for St. Patrick's Day we made a traditional New England boiled dinner. The next morning we used the leftover corned beef to make hash, and then added a poached egg and some Hollandaise sauce to create a festive Benedict. (I just wanted to quickly recap that because IT WAS DELICIOUS.)

This year, we wanted to try a traditional Irish breakfast instead of the Americanized version. After a bit of research (and some reminiscing over Jon's trip to Ireland a few years ago) we came up with a game plan. On the menu was bangers, boxties, beans, rashers and eggs. Easy, right?

Actually, it was pretty easy. We found a ton of recipes for boxies, and ended up using this one as a general guide. Bangers are pork sausages which are named because of the bursting open or "banging" when they are cooked. Rashers are pretty much in-between American and Canadian bacon; thin slices of pork loin with some belly fat left on it.

Coffee with Baileys was our morning pick me up. followed by some Guinness. Eggs and beans are self explanatory, we just used traditional baked beans in a tomato sauce and cooked an over easy egg. We also made some soda bread to top it all off.

It was really fun to re-create this Irish classic, but I have to say... I like the New England version better :) Hope you celebrated St. Patrick's Day with some delicious food of your own!

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