Friday, August 24, 2012

The Bathroom Saga (Part III)

We haven't shared much about our bathroom plans because, well, we are still making them. It has taken us a long time to figure out whether or not we would change the lay out of the bathroom, but have finally decided its not worth the hassle (and cost) to do so. So with that in mind we have been able to start tackling some of the styling issues, and where is a better place to start than the largest feature of a bathroom, the bath tub. We had pretty much narrowed our decision down to two tubs, we wanted a modern (as square as possible) tub and there are not many of those on the market. My first love was the Kohler Bellweather.

Kohler Bellwether

It is clean, square as can be, and white! A lot more than can be said for our current tub. But the Kohler is cast iron and Jon definitely did not want to carry the 350 lb tub up our narrow stairs, and even when we asked a contractor his opinion, he didn't want to bother with it either. But I loved, loved, loved the lines of this tub and how it walked the line between classic and modern.

After much searching we found another contender, The D-code by Duravit.

Duravit D-Code

They are similar, both with clean lines, but the Duravit is acrylic and definitely feels more modern than classic. So we made some time to go check one out in a showroom close to us, and we loved it. Same clean look without the hassle of the cast iron weight. The only problem was that the Duravit became very tall when you ordered it with the apron (20" tall in fact). This is going to be a shower and a tub, so the idea of that big step in (especially in my sleepy morning state) sounded a little dangerous.  But, we decided we could work with a drop in tub and make our own apron keeping the step down to 15".

Since it was tax free weekend and the showroom was offering an additional 12.5% off... we bit the bullet and took this guy home!

Now we are looking for shower wall and floor tiles. We (aka I) have my heart set on these Mako Grey Wallflower ones:

However, it's proven difficult to find them at a reasonable price. So we are keeping options (semi) open and looking for something similar with a better price tag. We still need to figure out exactly which tiles we will be using, but we think it will be a grey floral tile for the shower and white tile for the floor. That being said, with my dream tile, this is what our moodboard is shaping up to look like:

I'm in love!

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