Sunday, February 26, 2012


We told you in an earlier post that we went to Ikea and got some new things for the living room, one of which was an "Ikea Classic"... the expedit. We are using it as an entertainment center, and its working out absolutely great! One of the main reasons we thought about getting this piece was because we have a lot of records and wanted an entertainment center that could store the records while having them still be easily accessible. The expedit kept showing up as one of the best furniture pieces to store vinyl.

The only problem was that we wanted to put our stereo system and dvd player in it, instead of on top next to the tv. The squares were too narrow to fit our system, so we had to figure out a way to make it work. Since all Ikea products come disassembled, we decided that we would try to put the Expedit together a little differently so that we could fit our stereo. Jon was able to leave out one of the middle dividers for the squares. This made 5 squares around one rectangle in the middle of the unit. He then used the extra divider/shelf as extra support on the back of the unit, since the tv would be sitting directly over it. We wanted to make sure that even though we "hacked" the piece, it still had the support it would as if it was put together correctly.

I should note here that we first got this piece in "black brown" since all our tables in the room are brown. However, when we set it all up... it looked black. Straight up black. No brown in there at all. We think its because everything on it was black, so that made the piece look darker. After much debate, we decided to go back and get the glossy white. We were worried it would look too white once it was in the room. We were also worried it would be too in-your-face and distract from the tv. On the contrary, it worked much better in the space, brightening it up and actually making the records pop more. Its not distracting at all, and we are very happy we decided to switch to the white one.

The end result is perfect for us. There is one empty bottom square, so if/when we expand our record collection there is space to put them. And for right now, I like having one open to put nic-nacks in. We don't have enough places to put those around the house. All in all, a great buy for the money and it really helped bring the room together.

Up next, the new bookshelf!


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