Thursday, March 1, 2012

Books and Ella

When we took a trip to Ikea to get the expedit, we also picked up the Lack wall shelf unit. Jon and I both agreed that we wanted some sort of shelves downstairs to put pictures, books, and other knick-knacks on. Since our house has horsehair plaster walls, hanging multiple shelves on a wall is hard (could crack the plaster, break off hunks of the wall, etc. etc.). So when Jon found the Ikea Lack bookshelf, we were VERY excited. It was well priced (only $50... score!) and could rest on the floor or be hung on the wall. Perfect solution to our shelving needs.

Not to mention the unit is slim... which makes it extra perfect for our living room. It was big enough to make an impact and store some miscellaneous things that didn't have a home, while not looking heavy or coming too far into the room. Once we put it together, we put it against the wall where we wanted it.

When we had the unit flush against the baseboard, it was about 1" away from the wall. That means we had to get creative on how to secure it to the wall. Our original idea was a white wood block on the back top of the shelf so we could have the unit screwed into the block and then into the wall. But after thinking it over for awhile, we both agreed that would not look the best. Instead, we decided to build a U-shaped stand that would rise the unit up over the baseboard, making it flush against the wall.

This allowed us to have the unit both supported underneath, and screwed into the wall for extra support. It looks great, and you can barely notice the legs. It gives us a LOT of peace of mind knowing its secure and no one can knock it over. Here is the finished product:

And of course, we must introduce Ella Fitzgerald, our new elephant:

Now we just need some more books to put on the bookshelf! I believe that is what the flea market is for...

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