Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bathroom Update (Part I)

WE HAVE OFFICIALLY STARTED WORKING ON OUR BATHROOM!!!! Sorry about that, but the excitement needed to be conveyed. Although we have not made any big changes yet, it is so refreshing to start a huge project that has been lingering for over a year now. Mentally we have stated attacking this bathroom, decisions have been made, plans set forth, etc. etc. And that means A LOT.

Originally our full bathroom had pink floral wallpaper, white (turned yellow) linoleum floors, and beautiful antique wooden doors that were painted pink. Even the matching beige toilet, sink, and shower combo had a slight hint of pink to it. We knew going into the sale that we would have to gut the bathroom and update everything. So, day 1 we ripped out the linoleum floors and took down the wallpaper, leaving only drywall and subflooring.

That is pretty much all we did... until a few weeks ago.

First, we removed the over sized cabinet that was behind the door. (Oh! The glory of being able to open the door all the way!) Next we primed all the walls. It was a small undertaking, but it made the bathoom feel cleaner, brighter, and all around better. We knew we had taken a step in the right direction, and with that we started to realistically think about what we wanted to do with the space. Jon began to draw up some plans so we could get a better visual of what possible improvements we could make. This is the current footprint:

A big obstacle that we need to deal with in this bathroom is the location of the attic door. It is directly to the right of our vanity. This is a problem because it cuts down significantly on wall space, and therefore storage space. We decided that if it was possible, we would move the door so we have a larger usable area in the room. When you open the door to the attic there is a 4' x 4' vestibule, and then to the left of that is where the staircase to the attic starts. Our plan is to move the door directly in front of the steps, opening up that 4' x 4' space to use as part of the bathroom. Although this doesn't seem like much, we concluded that it will make a significant difference in the way we plan the storage for the bathroom.

Hopefully we can start work on that soon, but next up is filling/caulking all the holes and gaps in the walls, and possibly a new bathtub. Slowly but surely we are making moves.

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  1. SOOOOOOOOOOO Excited about the bathroom project!!! This is great news!