Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sriracha Fried Eggs Three Ways

In our house eggs are a "go-to" food. Sriracha fried eggs is something that we made up while experimenting one morning for breakfast and since then has become a favorite. They aren't as spicy and way more sweet than you would think. The fact that they only take a few minutes and that the recipe is super simple doesn't hurt either. (While the idea of using Sriracha on eggs is not so novel, my extensive research of food blogs has turned up zero results for Sriracha and eggs prepared in this manner.)

Sriracha sauce
1 tab of Butter
1 Egg


1) Melt a tab of butter in a cast iron pan, swirling around to coat.

2) Make a bed of Sriracha sauce in the pan roughly the size of a cracked egg and let it cook for about 20 - 30 seconds. (Warning! It will spit and pop quite a bit, but that just adds to the excitement.)

3) Crack your egg in the center of the bed and let cook, flipping half way through until desired doneness. I like my eggs over easy and super runny; Kate prefers the yolks cooked all the way through. The finished product should have a thick layer of Sriracha paste on the egg.

4) Enjoy them with home fries for breakfast, on top of a burger for lunch, or with some fried rice for dinner!

Sriracha fried egg with scallions.

The Hoisin burger:  Scallions, Sriracha fried egg, hoisin infused burger patty, fresh cucumber slices on a sesame seed roll. 

Sriracha Fied Egg over Pork Fried Rice

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