Monday, March 3, 2014

Window Face-Lift

After painting the door we decided to make another small improvement to our curb appeal: paint the windows. Its amazing how much of a difference cleaning up things like trim will make. When we were painting the sides of the house it felt like painting the window and door frames really made our work pop. So, we got to work on bringing that clean, just painted white look to the front of the house.

The front windows really needed some attention, not just for the curb appeal, but for maintenance purposes as well. Most of them had paint stripped off so lots of bare wood was showing. If left this way, we could have been looking at some serious wood damage - and a lot more work than just painting.


See what I mean? Gross. So we started with the fun filled job of prep work - taking down the shutters and then scraping the windows. Taking down the shutters ended up being more of a task than we originally anticipated. Most of the screws were stripped bare, so we had to get creative and use some vice grips to get them off.

Once we (finally) got all the shutters off, we removed the storms and finished some other basic prep work. The windows were finally ready for some paint, so off we went to the store.


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