Sunday, March 9, 2014

More Window Face-Lift

We had an idea kicking around for awhile, but were never really sure we wanted to commit. When we went to the store to get the paint for our windows, we decided then and there to go with it and do something different. So instead of getting just white paint, we got black as well! We decided to paint the sashes of the windows black, and keep the frames white.

We've loved it on so many houses we've seen, but weren't sure it would be right for ours. But, after deciding to take that step, we are so happy we did. The windows are still the original windows from 1910, and the black around the edges really makes them stand out.

So after a LOT of taping, we went to work and painted away.

Definitely adds some character to the house, and gives it more curb appeal. We are very happy with the way it turned out, and plan on painting all the windows of the house that way. Eventually, we will probably upgrade our windows and get new ones (that aren't as drafty). When we do that, we'll stick with the black sashes. We really love them!

I don't have a finished picture without all the tape off, but you get the idea. Once we finished painting them, we put the shutters back up and called it a day and a job well done. 

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