Thursday, November 8, 2012

A New Addition

Exciting news! The couch we were talking about in this post got delivered! Are you just as excited as we are? We did a lot of research when we were shopping for couches and ended up buying the one we found at Crate and Barrel. Here is our old couch:

It's funny because the new couch is the same color as our old one, so when you quickly walk by the room and see it out of the corner of your eye, nothing looks that different. But when you stop and take a look at it... WOW! It looks so much better then the old one. It is nice and clean and modern, yet still welcoming. I feel like I can put my feet up, relax, and watch Dancing with the Stars. It updates the room a bit more and pulls all the furniture together. We are extremely happy with it.

And, we ended up getting the couch with the pull out bed. That feature did make the bottom cushions a bit more firm, but its still plenty plush.

We are really happy that we have another place for friends to sleep when they come and stay with us. Got to love a new piece that adds both style and functionality to a room!

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