Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bathroom Update (Part II)

WE'VE DONE MORE WORK ON THE BATHROOM!!!! I know, a ton of excitement in that statement, but if you can't get excited about bathroom re-models what can you get excited about? We've started to make our plans come to life this weekend and took down the door to the attic and moved it around the corner and in front of the stair case.

Fun little side story: We were both pretty tired when we went to the Depot to get the insulated door we needed for this project. We measured before we left and decided we needed a 30" x 80" door. So we went to the store and I helped Jon pick everything out. With a 30" in the cart and ready to go I noticed it had a lot of orange paint on the frame and surface of the door (from the Depot shelving racks and carts.) So after pulling a bunch more out, and finally finding one I approved of, we brought the door home. Then carried it upstairs (not the easiest thing to do with me, I'm pretty bad at lifting). Then maneuvered it into the tight corner it had to be in. Then realized it was a 32" door and not a 30" like we needed. When I was being picky we moved into the 32" section without even realizing. Needless to say I laughed while Jon shot me his evil eye looks. We had to go get another door. Whoops.

Anyways, once the door was installed, we started to take down the frame where the old door used to be (which made the opening about 4" bigger). This made such a big difference already! Definitely takes some getting used to, especially when you walk into the bathroom at night. I still instinctively think that there is a door open or someone is in the attic. We imagine knocking down the wall that is above the old door frame will help even more to open the bathroom up and incorporate that area (it still looks like a different room.) But we've already started planning what we can do with the extra space we have. And this step means that a new bathtub and floors are just around the corner!

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