Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Pretty Vintage Website

I swear we have still been working on the house! I know we haven't posted in awhile, but this month we have had a lot of prior engagements that have taken precedence over home improvement projects. But, everything is starting to slow down a little, so we will get a chance to show you what we've been doing. Mostly its been more painting, thresholds (!!), and a quick mirror project.

But I wanted to share this awesome website I came across. Its called Vintage Printable. It is a website with hundreds of free graphic images that you can download and use for interior decorating. The best part is they are high resolution images so you can use them for larger scale projects if you need to (aka possibly printing one out to hang above our couch in the living room). Here are some I'm currently loving:

Astronomy - Aurora Borealis
Typography - Font - Mapping handbook -letters and numbers - font

I want to print this little guy and put him in my kitchen:

Graphics - Typography - Menus 2

And this one would look great in our foyer:

The botanical pictures are just like those ones you see in a TON of home magazines and websites. They look so classic! Also, since you are downloading the images, I'm sure you could open them in any photo editing program and edit them however you like. I'd be especially temped to play around with the text images.

Anyways, I can't wait to get our other projects done so I have more time to decorate with pretty things like this. I will definitely be looking to this site when it comes to putting pictures in the bathroom we are (slowly) working on!

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