Friday, March 9, 2012

One Fish, Two Fish

The Red Lion Inn fried fish dish turned out so well we decided to re-purpose it for left over night (also we made about a pound too much!). Since it was unseasonably warm yesterday, which got us in a festive mood, we decided to bust out the grill and make some deliciously smoky fish tacos. Using mostly what we had around the house, we put together leftovers that could definitely be served to guests. Here is our ingredients list:


Small flour tortillas - toasted on the grill
Left over fried fish - heated up on the grill
1 Poblano peper - rough chopped
1 Habanero pepper
1/2 Red bell pepper - rough chopped
1/4 of a Sweet onion - rough chopped
1 Roma tomato - chopped finely
Fresh cilantro - chopped finely

First off-- we always use a charcoal grill, because lets face it, that's where the real flavor is. We also like to use real hickory chunks along with our brickets to add some smokiness. For this recipe we used mostly wood chunks because they burn quicker (and it was a week night).

First, the sweet onion, poblano and bell peppers got tossed in olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper, then placed on a cast iron grill pan with 3 lime wedges.  They cooked over direct heat untill they looked wonderful like this:

The habenero was placed directly next to the coals instead of on the top grill, this allowed it to get really blackened and soft.

The tomato and cilantro were tossed in olive oil with a little salt to make a quick salsa.

We added a little chipotle mayo and some mashed avocado and the end result was delicious!

We love to make dishes that still taste great as leftovers or recipes that can be reused and made into other great meals. We have an awesome black bean burger recipe that we like to use as burgers or on nachos (maybe we'll share that soon), and now this fish recipe will be thrown into our go-to recipe box. It ended up being a great multi-tasker.

PS-- It's almost the weekend and since we are not going away, home improvement projects will definitely be happening. Woo!

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