Friday, November 29, 2013

It was a One Eyed, One Horned, Flying...

You know the song, and I think it was written for our front door. The thing was a purple monster. An ugly purple monster.

It was seriously one of the worst color purple's I've ever seen, and not in the best of shape either (nicks all over it, paint and dried glue on the windows, etc.) So, we decided to fix that. Initially we wanted to refinish the door to natural wood. So we took it off the hinges and used some chemical stripper to start. It got rid of a lot of the paint and peeled back a few layers of different colors. But the stuff that got left behind was a gooey mess. It would clump in the details of the door and would not scrape off easily.

We decided we needed to resort to the hard way. We sanded, sanded, sanded, scraped, and sanded. Finally we were left with a semi-smooth surface. Since it didn't look like we were going to remove everything, we decided to re-paint the door instead of re-finishing it. We used an oil based primer recommended by our local Sherwin-Williams guy (he was much more helpful on this project than the depot was) and got to work.

A few divots and scrapes required caulking after the priming, so we fixed those and then got to painting.

Yep! Yellow! We wanted something bright and inviting. Since we already had the pineapple doorknocker, we decided to go with a bright yellow to somewhat match. Also, have you tried to look for front door colors? There are like 8 colors you can use. Not very exciting.

We love the final product and think it looks a MILLION times better than it did when we started!

Oh! And a fun fact! The Sherwin-Williams guy told us that yellow paint fades the fastest out of any color. Significantly faster. Who knew? It obviously didn't deter us from going forward and using yellow... but interesting nevertheless.

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