Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mucho Mulcho

The side yard of our house was a mess when we moved in. There was a lot of overgrown trees, brush, and trash. With the help of our neighbor, we started to clear out a section. Every other Sunday (or so) we would rake and clean up a small area. Once we had a good size clearing, we started to cut down some trees, and eventually began to incorporate some new plants. Eventually, we had created a little garden in the once overgrown area. Our neighbor gave us some of his HUGE hostas and helped us create a unique centerpiece with some of the materials we had around the yard.

This year that area needed a bit more tending to than the prior year. We had a plant that died, so we needed to dig that out. We also had to do the usual weed and mulch.

 Last year we went with brown mulch, but decided to get black this year. It definitely made the colors of the plants POP and it now looks so clean and manicured.

(Necessary gardening tools)

Its amazing what a weekend will do! I can't wait to clear more of that area out and hopefully continue the garden down the edge of our property.

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