Monday, March 18, 2013

Dressing up our Bedroom

Since we finished cleaning up the walls in the master bedroom, we wanted to start making more aesthetic improvements to the room (the mismatched curtains and old comforter just weren't cutting it anymore). First thing I wanted was new bedding. The comforter we had was Jon's from college... enough said. I wanted something floral and modern, which proved to be hard to find as everything floral we looked at seemed a bit dated. I finally found this beautiful bedding from West Elm. Once I brought it home, Jon thought it was a bit too girly, and we were both concerned with the white backdrop getting dirty quickly. So, before we went to return it, we checked online to see if anything new came out that we would want instead. And it did! This duvet was much more "us" and was exactly what we were looking for but couldn't find before. It is definitely one of my favorite things about the room now.

 (that picture is showing off a little sneak peak of an upcoming post)

Another big upgrade we made was finding some beautiful mid century dressers. Jon found a set (two dressers, nightstand, and headboard) on Craigslist and once he sent them to me, we decided to got that night to check them out in person. They had some slight wear and tear but overall you could tell that they were loved and gently used so we snatched them up after a little price negotiation.

The (vintage) Modern furniture is tall enough to fit over the baseboards which allows us to get them close to the wall, something our old set wouldn't do. Overall these guys take up about 4" less of floor space, a big deal in a small bedroom. 

We re-used the mirror from our old dresser and decided to hang it vertically instead of horizontally like we had it before. It matched the mid-century look better. And that frees up more wall space to add some decorations!

The only downside is that the set came with one nightstand instead of two. We have found a few online that looked similar, and eventually may buy a matching one. But for now, Jon is using the night stand from our previous bedroom set. We are still making some adjustments on the headboard, lighting, decorations, and curtains which we will be sure to update you on soon! 

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